Saturday, August 16, 2008

Star Wars, Irish Minnie and Trains, Trains, Trains!

This morning we all got up and got ready to go to soccer practice. We arrived to find that nothing was on the field and one of the co-coaches came up to the car to say it was cancelled (Coach Geno had a flat tire on the freeway YIKES!). Jamie suggested that we grab some breakfast and head to the theater to see the new animated Star Wars film. Kian has done NOTHING but talk about Star Wars since he has seen previews, commericals, you name it! So we all went...thanks to a free ticket and a Costco tickets we pretty much got in free! The movie was really good - Kian told us about 5 times it was a REALLY, REALLY good movie lol

Before we went to the movie, I spotted a machine I have seen all summer long. One fo those crane machines (that my cousin Melissa is a PRO at). This machine had an item I was coveting....a Minnie Mouse...but not just any Minnie Mouse - an Irish themed Minnie Mouse. It cost $2 just for a try. Something within me told me that Jamie could do this. He studied a video that was shown in the back of the machine and went for it. He lined up the grip and both Kian and I watched as it was slowly lowered and the grips slowly grabbed Minnie....we held our breath as it closed around her and grabbed her...he got it!!! Now it just needed to hang on to Minnie all the way to the bin....I secretly cheered inside as the crane made it all the way and I think we ALL let out a HUGE YELL when she dropped in the bin!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Immediately afterwards we took a few photos of us with our $2 Irish Minnie - who I love like the 12 year old at heart that I am ;)

After we got home from the movies and some errand running, we had lunch then I headed out on my own. When I got home I found the living room empty. I figured the guys would be playing a video game...nope...they were upstairs playing with Kian's new train table (we found it on clearance last weekend for only $20!) I couldn't resist taking some photos of the guys having fun together. Kian has enjoyed the table all week and I'm sure it was a lot more fun to play with it with Daddy!

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Kathleen said...

Kian is getting so big!

I like your tat :-)