Friday, February 13, 2009

Conferences, Ear Infection #3, and a High Temp - Happy Friday the 13th!

This week has been filled up with ups and downs in Kian's health. He ended up with a fever on Monday that was with a bad cough and congestion. He felt fine after that and went to school. Then on Thursday (the day of his Valentine's Day party and the celebration of the 100th day of school) he had another fever of 102 so he had to stay home :( I felt so bad keeping him back!

Later in the day on Thursday he seemed better and Friday morning he didn't have a temp at all. I took him over to a friends for a playdate (and so he would have a place to be while Jamie and I went to parent/teacher conferences). He seemed great, had fun running around and playing.

Parent/Teacher conferences went great! His teacher showed us some "tests" she did with him and he did VERY well with all of them! He still needs to work on writing and cutting, but otherwise she said he is ready for Kindergarten next year :)

I went back to our friends house to pick up Kian and on the way home he was very quiet...that is so not like him. When I got him out of the car I could see that he didn't look so good. I asked him if he was feeling ok and when we got in the house he said "my neck hurts" and started crying. Strep has been going around lately so that was the first thing I thought of. I called the doctor and got an appointment after some convincing that I was sure he had more than just a cold (we were in there on Monday so the nurse assumed he was just needing to let the virus run its course).

I put Kian down for a nap and waited for the time to take him to the doctor. He woke up about 15 mins before we had to leave and complained off and on about his neck. we went to the doctors office and the pain seemed to be getting worse at different moments then letting up a little bit. The poor little guy was crying and telling me his neck hurt :( There was really nothing we could do but wait. By the time the doctor saw us, Kian was in full on screaming and crying. She checked his left ear, then his throat - both were ok...then she moved to the right ear and barely looked in there and immediately said that he has an infection. Ugh, this is litereally the third one in the last three months! Thankfully the doctor gave us a sample of Motrin so that he could get something for the pain in his system. It did the trick! well, at least for the moment.

We went home, watched some Madagascar 2 and waited for Jamie to get home. After dinner Jamie and Kian played a video game - they had a blast. It seemed like Kian was on the mend....until the game ended and he came to talk to me. He was hot. I took his temp. It was 104! It was too soon to give him motrin again so after some advice from my dear friend Mary Beth, we are doing the switch of Motrin and Tylenol every three hours. It seems to be working so far. I will be getting up at 2:30 to recheck his temp and give him tylenol...I am praying his temp stays down. Poor little guy :(

So, it has been a very eventful Friday the 13th in our house. I just hope that Valentine's Day is much, much better.

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Priscilla said...

Well, our Friday the 13th was eventfull too----we drove to LA and back in the pouring down rain!! :( However, the post-op appointment was all good news and we stopped at Pea Soup Anderson's in Buellton on the way home to celebrate!!! Praying that Kian is on the mend and you have a fun Valentine's Day!!