Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day and a Kian Update

Kian is doing MUCH better today. Even though Kian was a very sick little baby, but I don't recall him ever having a temperature as high as 104 before. Last night we had to switch off giving Kian tylenol then motrin every three hours. I set my alarm and got up throughout the night to test his temp and give him meds. By the time he got up in the morning his temp was back to normal! YAY!

Jamie also was awesome and let me sleep in this morning. I was very, very thankful for that...especially because now i think I am battling the same cold that Kian has :P

Today has, thankfully, been rather uneventful. Jamie made us all a yummy breakfast this morning. Jamie and I got Kian Madagascar 2 for Valentine's Day so we have been watching that a lot. We plan on having a low key evening and weekend.


Gina said...

So glad he's feeling better! Those high temps are soooo scary! I remember once when Annie's hit 105.9 and I flipped out! Tepid bath, give her cold water, give her Motrin and then start the Tylenol/Motrin trade off you guys did (she had a UTI). I'm so glad his temp came down! And hope he keeps feeling better and better. And wahoo to your sweetie for letting you sleep in!

Priscilla said...

Me too, glad that Kian is doing better. Hope you are enjoying your "holiday" Monday! It is cold and rainy here---YAY!! We are FINALLY getting Winter!! HUGS