Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Disney Marathon Part 2

The day began with Kian singing to himself in his bedroom....but now he's a bump on the couch again :( His temp was down today but it has slowly risen. Since he has had so many ear infections, I deicided to call and get him an appt to have that checked. His ears are fine, but he is having a strep culture done as well as a urine test...he keeps telling me his back hurts. The 5 min strep test came back negative but they are doing an overnight one.

For now we are watching more movies - thankfully we have collected all Disney movies available! We haven't even seen all of what we have (thankfully lol).

I guess we will see what tomorrow brings. Kian does have a short week at school so I feel bad keeping him home one more day :( He really enjoys going!

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