Friday, April 03, 2009

Is it April Already?

I seriously cannot believe how fast time flies these days. It is now April and in almost a month my little man will be 5! It feels so odd to even think of him being 5! I guess I just have to get over it lol

Our countdown until Disney World is on. We are now on the last month on the chart until we head there (we leave May 1). Kian is so excited. I'm pretty stoked. Jamie is stoked, excited, and well anything else you can think of LOL Luckily he is doing a lot of research to make sure our trip is great.

Things continue to be busy here. In fact this week has so many little things going on that I lost track of days...I have been a day behind since the week started. In fact, right now I would swear it was Thursday. lol

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