Monday, August 23, 2010

Jamie in Germany and Growth Spurts

Jamie in Germany

It's been one whole week since Jamie left for Germany for GameCom. He's promoting the new game he's working on; Red Faction: Armageddon. I've seen him on one interview so far and I'm sure there will be more to follow.

This is the first time he's gone out of the country without us (the only other time was to Canada which doesn't really feel like out of the country anyway lol). We couldn't use cell phones to communicate to so we loaded Skype on my computer and Jamie's laptop - and also downloaded the app for the iPhone. It's amazing how good the quality is!

It was so neat to use the webcam. We could see and hear Jamie as well as show him things we were talking about that were going on or we bought. For most of the week he was gone, we were able to talk at least a few times a day. He was just getting up when I was getting ready for bed so just he and I would talk for a bit if it worked out we were up at the same time. Other than that our standing appointment was at 3-4 every day.

The conference ended yesterday so he's spending the next few days with his friend Tim. Tim lives in Germany and lived with Jamie and his family as a foreign exchange student when they were all in high school. So now Jamie is actually seeing some of Germany other than just the conference center :)

We sure do miss him a lot! Ten days is the longest he and I have ever been apart. Kian and I are counting the sleeps until he gets home. His flight is supposed to get in after Kian's in bed on Wednesday so there is one more sleep added that I don't have to add :)

Growth Spurts

Kian has gone through a growth spurt recently. Today he came home from school and was saying his pants were hard to button and asked if he could take them off like daddy does when he gets home from work lol! Of course I told him yes! ;) So I went through some of his shorts in his drawer and all his jean shorts are too small! Thankfully he does have some others. He won't be wearing shorts for that much longer. I may have to scour some of the clearance racks and see what I can dig up that hopefully will work for next year too.

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