Sunday, August 01, 2010

July Excitement!!

I've been a super slacker lately in posting, but we have been SUPER busy over the last month! Since today is the first of August, I thought I would reflect back on the highlights July.

4th of July

My parents came down for the 4th of July. We scoped out the fireworks in the area and headed over there a bit earlier than we could have, but Kian had a blast on the bounce house stuff they had there (thank God for unlimited trip bracelet purchases!) The fireworks were pretty spectacular! We will will definitely go again next year :)

Click here to see photos.

Great America

We took our second trip up to Great America the second weekend in July. I unfortunately felt sick after driving in the car and was out for the count after taking some Dramamine. I napped in the hotel room while the guys went back to the park and rode all sorts of rides.

When the guys were on their way back to the hotel, I felt like a normal person and started looking for a place to eat dinner. We found this STUPENDOUS place to eat! The place is called Divino and it's in Grayslake, IL. The food was good but the gelato was TO DIE FOR!!!! We all had different flavors but my faves were the mix the owner suggested: mango and strawberry. omg....words cannot describe how smooth and exactly like the fruit it tasted (because it's made with the real fruit!). If you're in area of Great America in Gurnee, IL make sure to stop by this little cafe. Tell them that the family from Champaign sent you ;)

It was also our first time at a park knowing that Kian's food allergy was not an issue! So we had our first funnel cake of the season - Kian opted for popcorn after a bite though.

Work Travel

Jamie made his second trip to Cali for Red Faction Armageddon. This time he went SF and got to meet up with some good friends in the area (lucky dog!). Click here to see his interview with Game Spot - one of the place he talked to when he was there. He got home later on Friday night and geared up for another trip that our family planned well before we knew about this SF trip.

Walking Where Lincoln Walked

We spent a weekend in Springfield, a place I have always wanted to go since I have always loved Civil War history and Lincoln is my favorite president.

We visited Lincoln's home and neighborhood, Lincoln's Law Offices, the Lincoln Museum, and Lincoln's Tomb. Jamie was amazing and took watch over Kian so I could geek out. I discovered many things about Lincoln that I didn't know or just forgot. Kian did get bored though so I sent the guys back to the hotel so I could meander the streets and take my time in shops and such. After dinner on Saturday, I headed back downtown for a Ghost Walk. It was very educational and entertaining. I am hoping to get back there around Halloween when they do more of a scary walk.

I honestly didn't think that Kian was getting much out of the trip and felt kind of guilty for dragging my guys around. But since we came back from the trip, Kian has talked about Lincoln at random times telling me facts he learned about him.

I am extremely glad that we went and I am hoping to go back (at the very least just me) to see the Old Capitol and go through some of the other sites again. The Museum is definitely worth another walk through. It's pretty amazing and a must see if you go to Springfield.

If you're interested in photos, take a look here :)

Kian's Activities

Kian continued swim lessons for most of July. He has progressed a lot! I am impressed with the strokes he's able to do and he really enjoys the lessons.

The T-ball Clinic ended early in July. They worked up to playing a real game! It was really neat to watch and funny too since some of the kids ran to third instead of first or everyone tagged a kid on base with their glove even if they didn't have the ball. So cute!

The last week of July Kian took a British Challenge Soccer class. It was amazing to see how different these coaches were from the last time Kian did the class. I have to be honest and say that these girls were more organized and I think that the kids learned a lot more about the game. The other class he took focused more on skills, which is good of course, but Kian is ready to step it up a notch.

Tooth #8

Kian lost his 8th tooth a few weeks ago! And it's a good thing because the adult one was coming in right in front of it! After the dentist told him to start working on getting it loose, Kian set to work and the next day it was out and ready for TF pick up ;)

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