Monday, August 23, 2010

Kian's First Day as a 1st Grader!

August 19th was Kian's first day back at school. He was so excited! We learned who his teacher was going to be just the week before. I also took a photo of the roster with my iPhone so I could tell him who would be in his class. He was so excited to see some familiar names (and so was I).

Here's Kian waiting with the other 1st Graders for the bell to ring!
Take note of his shirt. I made sure he wore this shirt today since Daddy couldn't be with us on the first day back (he was in Germany for work). His shirt says "Dad's My Allstar"

Kian sitting with Ian, a friend from his class last year. They had to sit down because they were so tired. Man it's hard to be 6!

The kids could sit anywhere they wanted. Kian ended up sitting with Kaidyn, Ian and Michael. All friends from his class last year. I thought that was so cute!

For some reason Kian thinks this looks like a smile. I think he just looks constipated lol!

Me with my 1st grader! Man, the time has really flown by fast!

Today was his second full day of school. He seems to really enjoy it. It's always hard for me to get him to tell me about his day - I think it's just because he's not sure where to start! When he got home today and after a snack we laid down on my bed and talked about what he did. I went through what did you do after you put your backpack away and sat down? I found that this really helps to jog his memory - he seemed to have a lot to tell me about then! I will have to make sure this is one of the questions I ask once he's had a snack and chilled out a bit.

Today I got a funny story out of him. He said he got in trouble once. I asked him what happened. He said he had to sit in chair that's not next to anyone. I asked him why he had to sit there. He was hesitant to tell me. I told him, you can tell me. He burst into laughter and after some slowing down and asking if I was understanding what he was saying, he told me he drew a robot being blown up by a bomb. I guess he laughed so much that he had to sit in a timeout (most likely because it wasn't the first time he was asked to be quiet). Although, I'm not sure if he got in trouble at all about the exploding robot lol I laughed with him a little bit and just told him that he needed to make sure he was following the rules. I'm chalking this one up to "sometimes you just gotta laugh."

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