Thursday, July 07, 2005

Battle Cold #206:(

Kian was up until about 2AM last night. I went in there to tend to him about 4 times in an hour and finally I asked Jamie to go in there…usually he will stop if Jamie goes in…and sure enough he did! We all didn’t get much sleep last night….and we all are still battling this cold thing…how in the world do we get colds in the summer time! Unreal! I swear, if someone has it we get it :(

Kian is starting not to eat very well. I can understand how he feels as I have no appetite either. He is drinking a lot of fluids though which is great. I gave him the Pulmicort again this morning and we don’t have any wheezing at all…thank God! Seriously! I have decided to hold off on calling for a referral for a while. I want to see how Kian responds to this treatment plan we have now and do some praying about it for various reasons. Please pray that I have wisdom to make the right choice for Kian.

Keep us all in your prayers too as Jamie is working those long hours (16 hour days at least for the next week or two) and we are all sick and run down :(

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Anonymous said...

We will definitely keep praying! I'm so sorry you guys are having so much trouble =( Kian is a special boy and has wonderful parents! Between the three of you and God - he will be just fine =)
Love, Jamey