Sunday, July 10, 2005

We Bought A New Car!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday we went to the car lot just to look….Jamie had to go to work so we figured if we found something we would come back on Sunday. Well, we found a deal too hard to pass up! We bought a 2005 Toyota Matrix! It’s silver and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! hehe The salesman took a photo of all of us with our new car and is suppose to be emailing it to us – once I have it I will post it here (if it’s any good!) But here is what a Matrix looks like in case you haven’t seen one:

It took us about 4 hours from start to finish. Kian was past a nap (although he did fall asleep for about a half hour in the Matrix while we were test driving which had me SOLD pretty much! He NEVER falls asleep in the car!) And then the only things I had for him to eat were Geber Wagon Wheels and Beechnut Toddler Banana Cookies (which he LOVES). So, I gave him as many as he wanted until we could get home. He actually did pretty well considering that he has a cold and his teeth are bothering him.

One other GREAT thing is that they took our ’86 Volvo! Take a guess at the blue book price….$238! Nice huh?!?!?! They said they would give us that for it but that they would take out charges for the smog and some other stuff so we ended up getting about $50 for it! lol! I figured it was worth the $50 just to put toward the loan and not have to worry about the car later on. I have to say I don’t miss that car but that Volvo was my very first car that I purchased myself. It served us well – no problems at all over the last 5 years.

Michael and Jamey Are Having a GIRL!

I am so excited for Michael and Jamey! Michael was in our wedding and Jamie was in his a few months after ours! They just found out on Saturday that they are having a girl! Her name will be Cambria Dawn…how pretty :) We are SO excited for them! If we can get them to live a little closer, Kian would have a little girlfriend ;) We can’t wait to see little Cambria in December!

More Tooth Drama

Kian (aka Mr. Crank E. Pants) has been a bear to deal with this last week. Today he was laughing and tilted his head back and I saw that he has the other end of the molar poking through now….boy oh boy are those things really hurting him :( I have been keeping him on Tylenol and trying the Hyland’s Teething Tablets but the tablets don’t seem to be working for him…I give them to him anyway incase they do anything…right now I just want to help him in any was possible.


Anonymous said...

WOW! A new car!! How exciting! I know you have to be loving that! Congrats!!!

Thanks for recognizing us on your blog... we are famous now =) hehehe. We can't wait to see Cambria in December either! I am ready for her to be here anytime now... guess I just have to wait until SHE is ready, huh? HA - I just have no patience whatsoever!

I would love it though, if she could be Kian's girlfriend =) I would feel safe with her "dating" him, that's for sure =) hehe... maybe we can all take them out sometime in the near future once she arrives =) hehe...

Hey- do you have one of those little plastic toys that you stick in the fridge that has liquid in it? They are supposed to be for teething and help numb the gums and all while they are hurting... I just wondered if you had tried that and how it was working, or if it helped at all with the whole process?? Just curious... may be something worth checking into, if you haven't already. Keep me posted!


Sarah said...

Yeah, we have one of have to get special ones to go in the freezer. Kian doesn't really care for it them... I have other teethers that I keep in the fridge. I haven't offered one to him lately, but usually he's not interested. Thanks for the reminder though!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - I wondered how well they actually worked... I had just heard of them and that is what they were for... but I had never heard whether or not they were helpful - poor Kian. Hopefully, teething won't get any worse for him! =)