Monday, July 25, 2005

Kian and Blue, Walking and Growing!

Kian Loves Blue :)
Kian is SO cute! The other day we went to Toys R Us and I saw some Blue dolls (Blue is the dog in the TV show Blue’s Clues) that talk. I showed one to Kian.... I have never seen a child's face light up so much! lol He was hugging and kissing her and saying "bubububu" lol Which I think is him saying Blue :) He loves it when I play it with Blue and still gives her hugs and looks at her like he’s surprised to see her…he loves Blue :)

Kian’s walking more and more!

Kian's also walking more now! I would say he's walking about 50-70% of the time now! I finally went out and bought him a new pair of Robeez because he outgrew his other ones. He hasn’t worn shoes at all this summer as there wasn’t really a need. But now there is! He’s walking now up to about 3 feet lengths and growing! He’s bound and determined to get as far as he can and then he almost immediately gets up and starts again…although he does crawl at a lightening speed so if he wants to get somewhere fast that’s what he does. He's doing so good and so quickly! I would say he started walking a bit on his own on Friday...and then he's just taken off! Its bitter sweet in a way...he's growing so much!

Speaking of growing…

Kian has already out grown his size 12 month PJ’s! I’m dreading what is next….I feel like we are always buying him clothes! lol His diaper has been leaking through a lot lately and I think it might be due to his shorts being too tight…so tomorrow the hunt begins. I am hoping to find a consignment shop here that I can get some at…I found some when we were in SLO at a consignment shop and they did us well :)

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Anonymous said...

This is so funny... I have seen that Blue's Clues show before and it's really cute and I'm sure Cami will love it too... but I have always thought that Blue was a BOY! HAHAHA! I had no idea until I read your blog that she was actually a GIRL! HA! Anyway - just thought that was funny!

-Jamey =)