Thursday, July 21, 2005

No PB&J, No Fluffer Nutters....No Peanuts for my Peanut :(

Tuesday I thought that I would give Kian a peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich for lunch. He has never had PB before so I spread it on pretty thin...I could see the bread though it. He started eating and I noticed that the look on his face was one that he wasn't enjoying it....but I thought I would let him go at it just to see if it would grow on him.

Then he started to rub his eyes...and he was rubbing a lot! So, I got a washcloth to wipe his eyes because I thought that he got something in them. As I started to wipe, he started to get bumps all around his eyes where he was rubbing and all on his mouth and face. I called the pediatrician and the Dr. got back to me and said to give him Pulmicort and Albuterol and then some Bendryl (which I didn't have) but he said to give him the breathing treatments first before going to the store. As I am preparing his breathing stuff, I heard him crying and thought he is just complaining because I wasn't in there. I checked on him and saw that he vomitted all over the recliner and floor :( I called the Dr. back and he said if he vomited again to take him to the ER. He said that it was good that he got it out of his system. Thankfully he didn't vomit anymore...

Kian's eye was a bit swollen for the rest of the day and for the entire day yesterday. Tuesday morning I had made an appointment to get his pictures taken (yeah we are two months late for doing our one year) so I had to call and cancel. The last time I made an appointment was before Father's Day which was when we were in the ER with Kian with an asthma attack! I'm a bit afraid to make our next appointment! lol!

We did have an appointment with our Dr. to talk about Kian's breathing issues and he did talk to us about the peanut allergy that Kian had. I am glad that the Dr. got to take a look at him and his eye. Kian's doing fine now...but I'm a bit shook up about even having peanuts or peanut butter in the house! I don't think I have ever been so scared in my entire life :( It all happened so quickly...

A word of advice, make sure that if you give your kids a new food that could be a high allergy food...make sure you do it early in the day and on a week day so you can call your Peds office! I am so glad that's what we did or I would have spent extra money and time at the ER.

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Anonymous said...

Hey- sorry to hear about Kian's new health issue... and I did get your email, but for some reason the last few days have been hectic around here - haven't been at home much... I promise I am going to write back soon though =) Hope you all are doing ok - I've been praying hard for little Kian lately... I'll talk to you soon!
Love, Jamey