Friday, July 08, 2005

One Small Step for Man............Houston, we have a tooth!

Ah, it was a day of milestones today! First, Kian got another tooth (to make 5 1/2 - he has half of a molar) and the one that came through today is right next to the two bottom ones :)

THEN! Tonight I was on the computer and he was cranking to get my attention (he can't come in the computer room) and I walked over the gate to him and was standing a bit away from him. He stood on his own (he has started to actually free stand more lately) and then took about 4 steps toward me! I was in shock! I called Jamie immeditaly to tell him the new :) I hope that Kian can save some of those steps for Daddy when he's home :) I have a feeling that Kian won't really be walking for a while...but those first steps are always a milestone :)

He does push things around a lot and can actually walk pretty well...he pushes around a dumptruck a lightening speeds around the house (he really doesn't have much to hang onto when he's doing it so I know he can do it without it!). Right now he just needs a little more confidence :)

Hopefully now that that tooth has poked through Kian will be a little more like himself. He's been SUPER cranky over the last few days...although those teeth come in pairs so I need to brace myself for the other half of the molar, it's partner, and the tooth on the otherside on the bottom...phew! hehe


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! A tooth AND a step =) NICE! We are very proud of you Kian =) Keep up the hard work!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me too... I keep forgetting to sign my name today... geesh =)

Jamey =)

Sarah said...

Hehe, must be the pregnant brain :) You can use that excuse until Cambria arrives...then it can be Mommy Brain ;)

Anonymous said...

YEAH! At least I will have a continued excuse after delivery! I was afraid I was just going to have these moments and not have an excuse anymore! =) HA!