Saturday, January 28, 2006

Church, "Doe" and Spoons!

Church Shopping Might be Over…

We tried a new church on Sunday and both Jamie and I really liked it. It’s a larger church but it reminds me somewhat of Appleton Alliance (the church I grew up in) combined with the church we attended when we were in Nashville. I wasn’t able to listen to all the sermon or participate in the worship (they sang a lot at the very end) because Kian was getting antsy. I took him to the Toddler room and hung around with him – although I could have left because he was so busy playing he didn’t even know I was there! The unfortunate thing is that at snack time one of the kids had a cold and pretty much sneezed on Kian. Monday morning Kian woke up with a cold. Wednesday morning I woke up with it and Friday morning Jamie had it. I guess it’s the gift that keeps on giving! lol


Earlier in the week Kian and I were going about our daily tasks. He was sitting his high chair eating a snack and I was coming back inside from putting some things in the recycling. I said to Kian, “We have to shut the door.” And Kian said to me. “Shut the door.” I think I almost fainted! lol Kian doesn’t say a whole lot of words and for a long time he hasn’t tried a whole lot to repeat things after us. He hasn’t said “shut the door” again but he has said “door” which coming from his mouth sounds like “doe” but the way he says it is it almost sounds like someone is saying “duh” LOL it’s so cute!

We bought Kian a Little People bus with some of his Christmas money. It has two doors and three little people with it. He opens and closes the door and says “doe” every time he opens or closes them hehe I have also started to ask him to say things after I say them. And he seems to be trying a bit harder. For a while I was afraid he was behind with speech. That was until I read an article that said that a child Kian’s age should know anywhere from 5-100 words! That’s a HUGE gap! But Kian fits right in there. And now with all his trying to say more and more it has definitely encouraged me.


This week I started to allow Kian to use a spoon. I had given them to him before but he would be so distracted by it (and not really be able to use it) that he wouldn’t eat. This week, when I was grocery shopping at Traders Joe’s, I was reminded of Yo-Baby yogurt and thought that would be a good thing for him to start out with. (Yo-Baby is an organic yogurt made with whole milk.) I used to give Kian this when he was first eating baby food as a part of his breakfast and stopped when he started to feed himself.

Kian did great with the yogurt! I give him a half container of it for a snack either in the afternoon or before bed time – I like before bed better because I can strip him down and have him eat in his diaper and just put him in the bath to clean him off.

He has been doing GREAT with the spoon! So, as the week went on I started to give it to him with his other meals. I even bought some of those toddler spoons that are shaped like a handle instead of just straight and he seemed to do best with those. He is still practicing and a lot of the times he will try to scoop things up on his spoon but then resort to eating with the other hand lol But, at least he’s trying!

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