Sunday, January 15, 2006

Remembering, Dancing, Cars and Stacking, and Mommy's Little Helper


I cannot believe that on the 8th of January, Kian was 20 months old! Time has really flown by! Some friends of ours have recently had children. Seeing the photos of these newborns makes me remember how warm Kian was and how much of that "new baby" smell he had which has all but faded. I remember about a year and a half ago I couldn't do anything unless he was in my arms or he would scream! Now, I can't even get him to sit on my lap for a MINUTE lol Well, I can if we are playing the game of "where's Mommy's nose?" "Where's Kian's nose?" (etc.) Now, I look forward to the nights when I feed him his milk and rock him to sleep. He's so still and cuddley...just how he was when he was a newborn. Gosh, if I could see myself writing this now a year and a half ago I would have thought I was out of my mind! lol How things change as time goes on.


Ok...moving on! hehe Kian's knowledge of what goes on around him amazes me daily! His understanding grows more and more everyday!

As most of you know, Kian is a HUGE Blue's Clues fan. When I am busy in the kitchen or with something I need just a few minutes of time with I will ask Kian, "Do you want to watch Blue's Clues?" And he will go running into the room, sit down in his little Spiderman chair and say "Ahhhhh." lol He will sit in that chair for the entire show!

Well, I do have to admit that sometimes he will stand at the beginning of the show so he can do his very excited dance that looks like he's marching hehe He's so cute!

Kian also has learned the dance to Breakfast with Bear where he sings the song "Morning Mambo" where Bear says, "now reach your arms up high, high and touch the sky. Let's do the morning mambo. Let's do the morning Mambo. now bend and touch your toes, yeah, you know how it goes!" Kian does the streching up and down with Bear (inbetween his marching dance and twirls) hehe

Most of Kian's day is spent playing with any car or thing with wheels he can get his hands on! He loves to make a car noise as he goes which is so cute! He has really enjoyed the little Fisher Price Garage that my Mom got him for Christmas....although he tries to put his Weeble Camper on it and the thing is pretty much the size of the top of the garage. What imagination children can have lol

Cars and Stacking

The other thing Kian loves is stacking! He has really enjoyed some blocks and our friend Steve and Lisa got him for Christmas. In fact, a lot of times he doesn't want me to stack with him, he just wants me to hold the blocks as he stacks lol He does the same with his board books that we bring out about a half hour before nap and bedtime to help Kian wind down. I end up with most of them on my lap - not from reading but from Kian just stacking at 29 or so on my lap!

Kian started to give Toby treats too! Toby gets a treat after he eats his food. Well, I started letting Kian give Toby the treat which he LOVES! Toby does take advantage of the fact that Kian is so excited to do it so he doesn't wait for my release command to actually take the treat from Kian's hand! lol We are still working on that one!

Mommy's Little Helper

Kian also started doing things to help me around the house (he has for some time now but I keep forgetting to post about it!) He now turns the light on and off in his bedroom when we go in there to change clothes or diapers. Jamie and I praise him and tell him what a good helper he is! Kian also started to do GREAT putting his bath toys away which helps Mom out but also teaches him too! He has foam letters in the tub and I tell him the letter and the sound it makes as he puts in the net for the evening.

Well, that it on this side of life lol Not a whole lot exciting news to report. But I am trying to keep things updated for all our friends and family that live so far away.

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