Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Update to Creature of Habit Gone Awry

Well, we are still trying to get Kian back on track. We would put him to bed and finally had to resort to making him cry it out :( That is not something we have ever done - mainly because before he was sleeping through the night he was having night feeds - he basically learned to fall asleep on his own. He only cried for about 15 mins before he fell asleep and I have to say those were the longest 15 mins I have experienced (and at 12:30AM when we decided this was the only thing we knew would work).

In the mornings I have been getting up at 8AM to wake Kian up so he's up at the time he normally would be. The last two days he's been my alarm clock at 8AM so we are ok there. Now he's not crying to sleep anymore (that only happened for about a day and a half), which is good! Now we need to get naps nailed down. Today he just played and played and played for about and hour and a half. He was very tired when I did his nap time routine though!

Jamie and I gave this whole thing two weeks and then we would reevaluate, but I have to say that having to deal with a cranky toddler all day and with little breaks myself has really been draining! I have a lot of work to do (I work for my mother-in-law) and finding not a lot of time to do it or to have time to just sit down and relax. On top of that my house is in dire need of attention and there are some other personal issues I am dealing with that are not very pretty....nothing like it hitting you all at once!

Oh well, this too shall pass...hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

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