Friday, January 13, 2006


Ah, yes! I didn't want to type this too soon to avoid being jinxed, although I hope I am not jinxing myself right now as it's hard to knock on wood and type at the same time hehe....BUT Kian took his name from noon until two crying...nothing...and went to bed from 7:40ish until 8AM! VICTORY!!! He finally got back on track and he's happy for the most part. He's also waking up very happy as well!

As I type he is in the middle of his nap! He went down the same way as yesterday! WOOT!

Now I am going to have some lunch before a load of work arrives at my doorstep!

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts you all sent for us!! I am sure they really helped!

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Jamey R. said...

YAH! Success! Way to go =)