Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thank you Crayola!

Kian’s new favorite thing to do is color! He doesn’t care about staying in the lines or even staying on the paper for that matter! lol Thankfully Crayola figured out that Toddlers needed BIG crayons that are washable. The crayon comes right off of where ever he misses the page (although he does know he needs to color the paper and not the table hehe). He doesn’t care much about what he’s coloring either. I bought him a cheap coloring book at Target and he just flips around making his mark where ever he sees fit. He does the same in his Blue’s Clues coloring book – so I save that for special coloring sessions lol I’m amazed at how much he knows of his colors. He pretty much knows all of them in the box except for green, orange and brown. He really like black which he calls “BLah” and there is “YELL-no” which of course is yellow and one of his favorites to identify and the CUTEST to hear him say!

I’m really glad he enjoys coloring so much since with my bummed knee chasing after him or even walking to the play area in our complex is near impossible. Jamie has been doing some trigger point therapy on my leg and it really helped it today. Hopefully it just continues to get better.

Other than that, we are really enjoying the cooler weather we are having and haven’t had to turn on the AC much at all….which is a GOOD thing seeing our electric bill was through the roof last month because of all heat wave.

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