Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fall is approaching!

It’s not time for the dreaded sort through Kian’s fall type clothes and see what we have to buy for him. I’m amazed at how many times we have to buy a full new wardrobe for this little man!

Luckily he’s slowed down is his growing a bit so now I can take pretty good guesses as to what he will be wearing for the following season – I have been shopping the clearance racks at stores we go to and scoop up t-shirts for Kian. Last year I bought shorts for him thinking he would be in that size this summer but he wasn’t there yet, so hopefully those shorts will fit him next year. If not, we are only out about $2 each pair. There are so many cute pairs I sure hope they don’t go to waste next year!

Tomorrow I will be headed out shopping on a girl’s day out with my friend Lisa. Outlet mall here we come! I’m hoping that the trip yields some good fall finds for Kian – including maybe a deal or 2 at the Stride Rite so I won’t have to give my arm and leg for a pair of tennis shoes for the little guy.

Man, kids are expensive!!!! But they sure are worth it :)

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