Sunday, October 01, 2006

Toby Update and Cows

Toby is doing very well after his surgery. He has an incision that’s about 5-6 inches long down his leg where they removed the tumor. And one that is half the size where his neutering was done. He seems sore, but in pretty good spirits. He has pain meds for the week and we are trying to keep Kian’s interaction with him fairly minimal. Kian has a habit of wanting to chase him with is play lawnmower or kicking him. Of course that was squelched right away (the lawnmower will be in our downstairs closet until further notice). For the most part, Kian has been good with him – I just hope it continues through the week too.

Toby has a cone on his head which makes it hard for him to get around or get to us to have us pet him. He’s getting used to it though and I’m sure he will be a pro getting around with it before the two week is up. Yep! Two weeks he has to have that thing on! bleh…not looking forward to that! He hasn’t eaten much or drank a whole lot either. I’m sure he’s not feeling so hot. I will be putting a call into the vet tomorrow though to see what they say about that just to make sure.


Yesterday we were sitting at our dining table eating a meal together and Kian said something about a cow and made a mooing sound. He was looking out our patio door toward the hill in the back of our house. I had shown Kian the moon a few nights ago and we have been saying the nursery rhyme at his class that has the line “the cow jumped over the moon” so I thought that might be what he was thinking about.

Well, this evening we were eating again as family. Jamie was facing the patio door this time. And all of a sudden he said, “there’s a cow!” I turned around to see at the top of the hill there was a cow grazing! Apparently Kian DID see a cow the other night lol! So of course for the next 15 mins Kian asked, “did you see the cow?” lol It was so cute!

Also, for those of you who don’t know our patio butts up against a fairly steep hill. The top of the hill has barbed wire and the land up there is protected. I guess that also means that a farmer has access to it. Our realtor told us that in the spring there will be sheep grazing up there this spring so I guess Kian will be in for a treat then :)

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