Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kian is Sick :(

Last week I had a nasty cold. I felt like I should have been in bed all day and it was hard for me to even just sit because all I wanted to do was be in bed.

Well, Kian has this nasty cold now. Although he is in GREAT spirits (he always is even when he's REALLY sick). The first sign he's really not feeling good is when he sleeps in. He's like an alarm clock - he wakes up every day at 8AM or a little after. Today he was up at at 9AM even though I thought he was awake and burst into his room at about 8:30 he was sleeping like a log! Me just walking into his room will usually wake him up. Then he asked to have two binkies and his blanket downstairs with him. I honestly cannot remember the last time he asked for those things downstairs. Those have been bedtime things for over a year. I figured he needed the comfort of them so right now he's on the couch watching Teletubbies with a binkie in his mouth, one in his hand and rubbing on his blanket. Poor guy! We might need to skip our class again tomorrow - but I will just wait and see. I would hate to expose him to more illnesses with a weakened immune system :(

If you can, please say a little prayer that he will rest today.

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