Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Settings

Hello Everyone!

Blogger now has a new setting where I can make my blog private. You must be invited and accept the invitation in order to view my blog.

If you know of someone who wants to be able to view it, just email me at sarahdurall@gmail.com with that person's email address and I will make sure they are added.


Erin said...

Thanks for putting me on the list! I really enjoy reading about all the nuances and anecdotes you have of Kian.

I keep telling myself that I will keep my blog as up to date as you, but so far, I have not met this goal.

I hope you and Kian are feeling better very soon.


jlrobinette said...

Ok - now I am up and working =) Thanks for adding me =)
Love, Jamey

Sarah said...

Erin, you are so sweet! You should start a blog! I need to see some photos of Andrew!

And Jamey, I'm glad you got it to work :) I wouldn't bar my friends from my blog (((hugs))) :)

If anyone else is having issues, please email me and we will work on them together. I feel much, much better having my blog be private.