Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So, today we learned cheaper doesn't always mean better

Ok, so I already knew that but unfortunately this revelation involves our dear Mr. Kian :(

So, yesterday I took Kian to get a haircut. It is the third time I have taken him to Great Clips to get it done. Yeah, I know I can't expect the best results from a place like that, but he's only a kid and I figured we would survive. Today I went to Great Clips with a coupon in hand.

Before I continue, let me rewind a bit. When I started taking Kian to get his hair cut, I took him to a salon that's only for kids. He got to rid in a little car and watch a video while he got his hair cut in less than 10 mins (maybe even 5!) They were fast and good and I was always pleased every time I left there. It was about $5 more to go to the kid place but it was worth it to me because it was better for Kian.

Since we moved this summer I wasn't able to find a kid's salon nearby so I started taking Kian to Great Clips (which is like Cost Cutters of Fantastic Sams). Kian does NOT like getting his hair cut. He's weird about anything being near his ears - he just plain doesn't like it. The last two people that cut his hair were fairly good. The second one did a great job...the first was ok but we survived...this third one it was apparent to me that she really didn't know kids and she hadn't cut hair for long.

This third stylist and I discussed how short I wanted his hair prior to cutting - she cut it WAY shorter than that. I figured I would just deal with it until I saw how she was cutting his hair on the sides and it was bad...she wasn't getting everything..nothing really matched up with the shortness on the top of his head... Then she started asking me to hold him still tell him to sit still, have him put his shoulders down among other things (which hello he's two years old - you try to tell a two year old to sit still!). Finally I just asked if the other lady (that I had seen the other two times when I was there) could cut his hair and she finished it up. The "experienced" lady did an ok job, but of course you can't put hair back on where it should have been! Poor Kian was sitting there for a HALF HOUR while they cut away. The experienced lady sang songs with us like Wheels on the Bus and such which was good entertainment for Kian and had him sit for a bit longer.

Kian had a bath that night and I could see his poor little ear was nicked (the one where he was lifting his shoulder when they would bring anything near it) and there is a chunk out of the back of his hair - luckily you don't notice it unless you are looking at the bottom of his hair closely.

After all this I looked up for kids salons when I came home. When I first started taking Kian to get his hair cut, I took him to a kids salon. But after we moved there weren't any in our area or they were quite a drive away and $20! So, we settled on Great Clips which was near our house.

After we got home I decided to do some research again on kid salons in our area. I had seen an ad in the newspaper a while back for a kids salon opening up downtown. Well, the salon is now open and only $6 more than Great Clips. So, next time Kian needs a cut (probably not for like 2 months!) we will take him there. It's so worth it for all of us.

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