Saturday, January 20, 2007

This Weekend and a Little Update on Kian

This weekend came early with Jamie having off on Monday for MLK's B-day. The funny thing is that this weekend we are finding we don't know what to do with ourselves! For the last month - maybe two - we have had to do chores, had visitors, or other random things so this is the first weekend where things aren't a MUST to get done. We still have a list of things we need to do but only a few of them are a must do instead of the whole list.

It's nice to have a weekend to ourselves :) Not to mention, Kian has been asking all week for Daddy. So it's nice to have some hang out time for my two main men.

"I Sad..."
In other news, Kian is using a lot more words now! He has had a word explosion over the last week or two. He's saying sentences, repeating what we say (which has been limited to "you're kidding" and "no way" thankfully!), and recently he's put together sentences that are all his own. For example, there is a game with Elmo that I allow him to play sometimes on the computer. It was right before bedtime when he asked to play it so I told him that Elmo went nigh-nigh and he could play him tomorrow. Kian responded with "I sad (boo-hoo-hoo)" LOL! At first I didn't catch what he said but after he started his fake crying (which was completely obvious was fake to him too I'm sure) I realized he said he was sad and put together that emotion with the word and the action! Talk about a big thing - not to mention he put that together on his own :) I have been teaching him some emotions (faces for happy, sad, angry) and he's seen them on shows like Blue's Clues. I guess his little mind started catch on to all that :)

The Littlest Cars (The Movie) Fan
Kian has become a Cars fanatic! We first showed him the movie when we went on a trip for Thanksgiving and now he can't get enough of it! He watches it several times a day. And since Santa brought him three of the cars from the movies, he plays with them everyday. He is so cute with them! He's also a great dancer to all the cool music that's on the movie :) He even dances to the beat (and sometimes I'll even join him)!

"I Scared you!"
This is Kian's biggest phrase at the moment. There is a new show on Disney called Johnny and the Sprites. He has seen it maybe 2-3 times now but during the day at different times he will sing the theme song to the show. The one show he has seen one of the sprites has the hiccups and Johnny tries to scare them out of the sprite by saying "raaar" while shaking his head and raising his arms in a scary position. Well, Kian does that to us now and says "I scared you!" right afterwards LOL It's super cute....the only bad thing is that he does this while he's laying in bed (we can hear him over the monitor) and one time he was having trouble getting to sleep so I went into retuck him in and of course I was "scared." Let me tell ya, it was hard not to laugh!

Kian is definitely an entertaining guy! We sure do love him!

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