Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vistors Part 2

Jamie's mom, sister and step-dad came out for a visit last week. They arrived late on Tuesday and left Sunday afternoon. Wednesday we kind of hung out at the house. Jamie was at work and we only had my car (which would fit all but one of us). I figured it would be nice to let my in laws recover from the jet leg they had from their trip to Hawaii and let Kian get used to our new visitors.

Jamie took off of work on Thursday and Friday. He put in some hard hours on Wednesday to help him make up for the work he was missing those two days - right now he's close to deadline. We had hopes to go to the park or even go and try mini golf with Kian but it was VERY cold and windy. (it's actually still pretty cold here for California!)

We ended up walking around the mall a bit, taking Kian to Chuckee Cheese and Jamie took the other three to a winery for wine tasting while Kian was napping.

Other than that we enjoyed playing cards and bowling with the Wii which everyone really enjoyed a lot. In fact, Russell left wanting a Wii for at home! Unfortunately the system is sold out everywhere, but hopefully he will be able to get one :)

It was a low key visit but everyone was able to spend as much time with Kian as they wanted which really is the most important thing in my mind.

So now it's back to normal around our house! My oven has been used and on Sunday night I started to go through withdrawals from not cooking (I didn't cook at all because of special diets and wanting people to be able to eat what they chose as well as I get stressed out having to make a meal while trying to visit).

Here are some photos from the Hedrick's time with us (I apologize - unfortunately all that was on our camera was from Chuckee Cheese and Russell didn't come with us so he's not in any of the photos):

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