Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kian's 3 Year Check up :)

So, we went to a new Peds office and I REALLY liked it (you might recall my really horrid experience with our first ped in the area when I was getting ready for our trip to Wisconsin).

The doctor was SO friendly and you know how you can just tell those people that really, really like kids verses those that don't really know what to do when they are near them...well this doctor was definitely one that loved kids and loved his job. You could just tell.

Anyway, Kian weights in at 28lbs which I figured out is about the 15 percentile. And measures 36" which is also about the 15 percentile. His weight is up from what it has been in the past (5-10 percentile) but the doctor assured me that he is not fat. The doctor says he's just thickening out and that's a good thing :)

The exciting thing is that they guessed Kian would be the same height as his daddy (5'9")! I was very pleased to hear that since the short gene runs on my side of the family - I guess we will find out how true that all is in about 15 years lol!

The Ped answered ALL my questions. Kian even seems to be above target in some of the things that he is doing at this age (throwing a ball, jumping and things like that).

I feel very confident with this doctor in going back to this Ped.

Oh, and Kian also got a shot :( A Hep shot, but I didn't realize it an wasn't able to really prep Kian for it. I felt so bad that I took him to McDonald's for dinner lol (a special treat for him!)

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