Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On the Menu last night was a Pea Up the Nose

So, last night I was feeding Kian. I warmed up some frozen peas for him, put them on his plate, turned around to wash out the bowl I had them in and Kian said something like “Where’s the green bean?” I turned around to tell him they were peas and that they were on his plate and found Kian with his finger up his nose!

I tilted his head back and sure enough it was in there – WAY up there! I asked him to blow and he sniffed in – so I showed him how to blow and he didn’t understand. So I tried to get it suctioned out with a bulb syringe - holding one the other nostril shut and nothing worked.

I called my mom and emailed Jen (my sister used to stick stuff up her nose all the time and my friend Jen is just my go-to gal when it comes to needing veteran mom advice because her oldest is 10 and she has three boys :)) Both of them suggested calling a nurse direct line.

The nurse asked me to do certain things with Kian and honestly by this time I couldn't see the pea any more. The nurse said to get him to a doctor within 6 hours....ugh! It was almost 7 by this time so Kian and I headed to Urgent Care. Jamie met us there after he got home from work.

Once Jamie got there, he said that he did a bit of research on the net about kids getting peas stuck up their noses...I guess peas can swell so the longer you wait the more stuck the pea can become. It's a good thing we took him in.

Anyway, luckily Jamie's general physician was the doctor in the Urgent Care last night - someone we know and trust. So, the doctor looked in his nose with the devise that they use to do that and he could see the pea! So, he told us that one of us needed to hold the nostril that didn't have the pea in it closed and make a good seal around his mouth and blow. Jamie did it and after two blows the pea flew out! It was amazing LOL

So, we got home an hour after Kian's bed time but at least he's pea free lol And hopefully he won’t be putting things up his nose again – but if he does at least we know what we can do to get it out if we can!

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