Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kian's Birthday Celebration Weekend!

Saturday we had our friends Steve and Lisa over to celebrate Kian's third birthday. Jamie went and picked out a balloon bouquet for Kian. The main balloon was of Blue's head and then there were three other balloons that had the number three on them. Kian LOVED them!

We had turkey burgers, corn on the cob, my mom's baked beans, and of course Kian's birthday cake that I made (and to be honest I'm pretty proud of if I may say!)

Then Kian opened gifts. We saved a few gifts from his actual birthday so that he would be able to enjoy them in spurts. Lisa and Steve bought him some coloring books (a Mickey Mouse one to help him get started thinking about our trip to Disney this fall and a Blue's Clues one that you can actually wipe clean - how cool is that!). They also got him a Magnadoodle...I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - Steve or Kian hehe ;)

We all really enjoyed having Steve and Lisa over :) Here's a fun fact - Steve and Lisa were actually the first people that saw Kian right after he was born. And even though they have lived out of state, somehow trips back to the Bay Area have coinsided with Kian's birthday so they have been with us literally for each of Kian's birthdays. How cool is that! :)

Sunday (today) we took it easy in the morning and then in the afternoon we headed to San Jose (about a 45 minute drive) to see Sesame Street Live! We all had a great time! In the Arena were two old phone booths (minus the phones lol) and Jamie found a ledge where he could set up the camera to automatically take the photo while we all shut ourselves inside. That was really funny hehe Kian LOVED the show! He kept yelling "Hi Big Bird" and waving to him - so of course we had to buy him a Big Bird stuffed animal at intermission - he held it the ENTIRE time even the whole way home! The show was really fun, the characters REALLY looked like the puppets come to life! There were some really funny dance routines and great songs that everyone joined in and sang.

All-in-all it was a great weekend and I think Kian really enjoyed the celebration of turning three!

Here is a slide show of the celebration of Kian's birthday - it starts with waking him up on his actual birthday on through until Sesame Street today :)

Here are some photos of the paw print cake I made for Kian's Blue's Clues themed party that we had yesterday. It's not the best, but I was pretty proud of it because well, I'm not cake decorator! hehe

Here is a video of Kian the morning of his birthday - we decorated when he was asleep so it felt like Christmas almost!

Here is a video of Kian enjoying his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:

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