Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Baby Turns Three Today!

I can't believe that three years ago today I was in the midst of my 18 hour labor with Kian. I remember the first time I saw him after he was delivered, how the first thing I noticed was his LONG eyelashes (that he still has) and how much he looked like his Daddy.

This last year has been one of discovery for Kian. In the last year he has started to put sentences together, learned to say A LOT more words than I can count and looks more and more like a little kid every day than a baby.

We started getting read for Kian's big day last night. I wrapped Kian's gifts and Jamie hung up some signs my Aunt Lori had made for him - one is a big birthday cake that's a card holder - it says Happy Birthday Kian and the other is a banner that says Happy Birthday Kian on it :) Jamie also blew up a few balloons for Kian to play with.

I set out some Blue's Clues plates and napkins for him to eat on today, Jamie put together his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we had that sitting out with his other gifts.

This morning it felt almost like Christmas! Kian saw his Birthday Cake sign and flipped out :) He was so surprised!

We then let him open his gifts and we played with him for a little while before Jamie left for work. I am SO glad we decided to do it this way because we definitely wanted Daddy to be apart of the festivities too!

Today for lunch we went to McDonald's for some chicken "wuggets" and later we will have some cupcakes that I made last night when we went to bed :)

We will be having more of a party on May 19th and then the 20th we will take him to see Sesame Street Live for his birthday - so I guess the celebration will be over the next few weeks! hehe

Happy Third Birthday to my favorite little man! What in the world would we do without you!

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(I made this for a signature on my message boards to celebrate Kian's bithday - I just thought I would share :))

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