Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Countdown!

Well, the final stretch is here! Five more days until Christmas! Kian is SO excited to open gifts. It's been a little tough to keep him out of the gifts that are wrapped under the tree, but he's done a great job listening. He does ask several times a day about Santa and if he came lol

Kian has enjoyed the Advent calendar that we bought him last year.

Here he is with the calendar looking for the door to open for the day. It looks really neat but the door numbers are not in order so it's hard for Kian to understand how many more days are left. We do show him on the calendar though how many more days until Christmas and we count together what is left. Kian just really likes to get the candy out of the door that he says Santa brings him lol

A few weekends ago we celebrated Christmas with our friends Steve and Lisa. Here is one of the things they got Kian - which is his favorite right now.

Jamie got some fun things that he has at work with him (one is a BS button - we had to try it outside away from Kian ears! lol) and he also go a hat with his name on it...ok, not really - it's a Jameson Irish Whiskey hat but is VERY fitting :) Jamie loves it!

And as you can see Steve and Lisa know me well :) We hung up the Irish Blessing hanging immediately!

Last weekend Lisa and Steve gave us another AMAZING gift! Lisa offered to watch Kian for the night while me and Jamie went to the EA Christmas party! Steve had a prior engagement that ended up being cancelled so he came along with Lisa as well. I know Kian had as much fun as we did because he loves those two :)

This year we look forward to a quiet Christmas at home - just the three of us. We plan to start a new tradition of making cookies on Christmas Eve night so that Santa can have fresh cookies ;)

We miss you all and know that we will be thinking of all our family and friends that live far and near throughout the holiday season.

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