Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Christmas Gorging

Well our tree slowly filled with wrapped gifts as the month progressed. This morning, after breakfast, we gorged ourselves on those gifts. Kian was so excited! He has been asking at least once a day if he can open them lol We let him dig in while I pulled gifts from all around the tree and separated them all. Jamie and I helped Huricane Kian with his mass of paper and gifts before we opened our own. We both got some pretty cool stuff! And the best thing was that I surprised Jamie with almost everything I gave him ;) That is VERY hard to do so I was quite proud of myself :)

Before bed Kian and I baked cookies for Santa and set the cookies and some carrots on the special plate that my cousin Maggie gave him for his first Christmas....there is a sang on the plate that says the cookies are for Santa and something like "I was good this year, don't believe those things you hear" hehehe

Tonight Jamie read Kian Twas The Night Before Christmas and even I stayed in the room to enjoy the book :) We said goodnight and haven't heard a peep from that room since! Kian is so excited for Santa to arrive :)

Speaking of the big man in the red suit, I better get to bed so he can drop in ;)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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