Saturday, December 29, 2007

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays!

This Christmas was spent in the comfort of our own home - just the three of us (ok 5 if you could Allie and Toby). Christmas Eve was had our gorging of gifts that our family sent us. We all received some very nice things, but Kian made quite the haul!

Christmas Eve night we had lasgana with garlic bread and salad for our special meal. We also had home made pumpkin pie - YUM! (ok, I took some store bought help - but nut free ones ;))

Santa brought gifts - the floor in front of the tree was filled with books, a Tonka garbage truck, My First Computer, Thomas Legos and a Thomas mat to play with his smaller trains with.

So far he has LOVED the My First computer (thankfully Santa brought two games to go with it) and his mat for his smaller Thomas trains. He really is enjoying everything, but those he's playing with the most.

And of course Santa stuffed all our stockings - even Toby and Allie's! Kian got two new cars from the movie Cars, a new Disney movie, Thomas underwear, and candy of course ;)

Our christmas vacation has been pretty relaxing. We have all really enjoyed not really having a schedule and just doing what we want when we want. A quiet Christmas this year but a good one :)

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