Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not good news X 2

We met with Toby's vet today. Apparently the fill in doctor I talked to on Monday did not have the right information on what is wrong with him and our regular vet explained why and what the next step would be. He referred us to a specialist that will do further testing (if we wish) on Toby. But right now the prognonsis doesn't sound like it will be good nor an easy fix. Since this weekend one of Toby's eyes has been drooping and now he's not eating. One of the vet assistants mentioned that he may have had a stroke :(

We have an appointment with the specialist tomorrow at noon. Honestly, we are not hopeful. I will update when I can on this.

The Leek

Apparently when the builders constructed the condos we live in they were in a hurry and botched a job with the plumbing – it is not accessible for easy repair. Well, on Thursday our neighbor came over and said she had water in her kitchen….the opposite wall to our place is in our laundry room. Luckily we didn't have any water, but we are not going through a bunch of junk to try to get this repaired as quickly as possible.

There is a class action law suit to get the repairs done to each of our place. We have to have our hot water lines all rerouted :P At least the class action people will pay for that and our insurance will cover the rest….but man let's just say this is not good timing at all.

The good thing for our neighbors is that they were replacing their kitchen things anyway…but man….this is not going to be pretty or fun :(

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