Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Update

Leak Issue

We finally got the second plummer out here to give us a quote for the class action suit. He has done a lot of the units that our condo is in. He is only going to need to make 12X12 holes because he knows where all the pipes are in these places. We decided to go with him and the class action people said they will have a check for us by Tuesday. The plummers are coming tomorrow to start their 4-5 days of work on our place. At least the ball is rolling and this will all be over soon.

Toby Update

The thyroid meds have seemed to help his bowel issue. He is drinking more often and seem less drooly. Other than that the rest is the same...he's still pretty weak and doesn't really have much interest in eating. He ate well the day that we got back from the vets but today and yesterday he has no interst really. My hope is waivering...

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