Friday, June 20, 2008

Toby Update 2.5

Well, toby needs more testing done and we have an appointment to do that on Monday afternoon. His liver enzymes are up which means it is enlarged or has a he needs x-rays to tell us about that. They are also going to do more blood tests because the doctor thinks that he might have a thyroid issue. If it is just the thyroid then it will be an easy fix apparently with meds. The blood work also showed he has an infection and digestive issues, which he already has meds for. So he has a myriad of things going on - although I am not sure if any of them are related. Our normal doctor was not in and the one that was filling in for him was just giving me information - I feel better talking to our doctor seeing that he knows Toby.

More of an update after we know more on Monday - hopefully.

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