Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Glimmer of Hope

We went to the specialist today and found out that Toby has one of three conditions...two are not good at all but the third and best of all is a thyroid condition. The doctor did some xrays on Toby to make sure that he didn't have pnumonia and that his esophogus is working. Everything looked normal. And from blood work done last week we know that his organs are all functioning normally.

The vet gave us thyroid meds and a diet of making meatballs out of the prescription dog food and kinda giving them to Toby so the he's getting food in him. I have made them and have been hand feeding them to him slowly...as he's not had food in a while but he is seriously hungry...just can't get the food to get in there because of the weakness in his mouth.

I gave him a thyroid pill before we got on the road after our visit. The vet said to call him at the end of the week and let him know how Toby is doing.

We are ALL hoping for the best.

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