Monday, October 20, 2008

Ah, it's good to be back in the Midwest :)

Things just seem to be falling into place. We heard back this afternoon that we got the place we wanted to rent. Jamie started work today and he's really liking it. Kian started preschool and he's loving it there. I am starting to learn the layout of the area. AND we had Jamie home to eat dinner with us and he was actually able to spend time with Kian before he went to bed!

Here is a photo of the little house will be renting. Wednesday morning we go in and sign the paperwork to finalize it. It's estimated that our things will arrive on Friday!!! So at least I will have a few days to get somethings together at the house before the unpacking begins.

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jen said...

Sarah, I'm so glad that everything is falling into place for you guys!! You need to post pictures of the inside of your house too :-)