Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Yep, today is my birthday :) It was mostly spent unpacking with some phone calls from family sprinkled in. Our house finally has cable and it starting to really come together. We are having to get kinda creative with storage, but it's all coming together.

This evening Jamie and Kian took me out to eat at Olive Garden. We had one of the best meals as a family there! Our sever was amazing first of all - we tipped him nicely! We had some really great wine, Kian ate salad - A LOT of salad (he's not a lettuce guy but he was tonight!). Most times we are still eating when Kian is finishing...we tonight we were waiting for him!

It was a good birthday, enjoying the crisp autumn weather and spending time with my two favorite guys in the entire world.

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