Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Have Arrived!!!!

We arrived in Champaign, Illinois tonight - all our luggage arrived and everything went well without one hitch! :)

We did have a fairly entertaining day today...provided by Kian himself.

First, when we were at San Francisco Airport, we decided to buy some Subway subs to take on the plane with us. Jamie ordered his and I ordered mine and Kian's subs...we were both paying attention to what the sandwich makers were asking. Toward the end of the line I turned around to check to see where Kian was and what I saw made my eyes bug out of my head... Kian was standing in line with his pants around his ankles, showing his Lightening McQueen underware to anyone who happened to be looking. Of course as I say "Kian! What are you doing?" I see a lady sitting at a table right next to Kian laughing at him. Of course I help him get his pants on and I could not stop laughing as I am trying to tell Kian that he should not take his pants down in public. It was so freaking funny! We still have no idea what happened. I know those pants are a little big in the waist on him so I am not sure if they just fell down and he didn't notice...but the lady at the table next to us sure did LOL!

Second, we arrived early in Champaign so our limo was not ready to pick us up (yeah a limo drives you around from the hotel we are staying at lol). Champaign airport is really small. For my family members, it is very much like the Outagame County Airport. Anyway, Jamie found an empty luggage cart and told Kian to stand on it in a safe way and pushed him around in it. then Kian wanted to push Daddy lol I was laughing so hard I had TEARS running down my face! Kian was able to push him at a pretty good speed after a while!

Anyway, it was a long day of travel but Kian was a trooper and did pretty well if you ask me. We are so glad to finally be here, to see some leaves on the ground, feel the crisp autumn's so nice to be back in our area of the country again :)

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