Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kian Lost His First Tooth!!!!

Last night when I was brushing and flossing Kian's teeth, I noticed the the front one was really loose. I told him about it and he was immediately worried about it. I told him about what happens with our teeth - losing them and getting adult ones and how the Tooth Fairy comes. I guess his understanding was limited because he wanted me to take it out (which it was really wiggly but not enough that I felt I could pull it out), he wanted me to put a bandaid on it, he wanted to take it out and put it in the trash (which I told him that he should come and get me and not throw it in the trash because it was a special thing!) He prayed in his prayers last night that Jesus would fix his tooth and that he would help us move to "champaign, noy" hehehe

Today he didn't talk much about it. I have seem him wiggling his tooth off and on as I continued packing. Then all of a sudden Kian ran up to me and said "I lost my tooth!!!" He was so excited :) I took a picture of him right away :) (btw, he is wearing a crown from when he was child of the day at school on Friday...he wears it whever he is home lol)

It's hard to believe he's losing teeth already!!! He's getting to be so big! His dentist told me that he would lose them with in 6 months the 4 front ones (yikes!) and that the adult ones might not come in for a while but it's normal. I just didn't think it would all happen so fast!

Anyway, that's our big news - now onto more packing!

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