Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2 of Level 2 Swim Lessons

Kian did AWESOME at swim lessons today! He dunked his head under water several times, sometimes it was on accident but he recovered well :)

He practiced a back float, front float and started to use a kick board! He has really done well from being a kid that really just did baby pools and slip n slides. I think it also helps that Kian has the same instructor he had last session. Her name is Tori. When Kian found out that Tori was going to be his teacher he said to me, "Miss Tori is pretty." Maybe he's got a crush on her ;)

I took some photos of Kian with my iPhone. I didn't want to disturb the class by moving closer, so the photos are kinda grainy.

Kian doing a back float with the help of a green noodle and his instructor

Kian uses the kick board for the first time with his instructor Miss Tori

Kian with the other little boy in his class practicing front kicks.
Kian has the green noodle.
They went all the way from one side of the pool and back!

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