Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kian graduated to Level 2 Swim Lessons!

I'm so proud of our little guy! Today was the first day that the class wore life jackets and went in the deep end! I wasn't sure how Kian would handle it, but he was the first one to get in and do his front kicks and back kicks almost unaided (well, except by the life jacket).

His instructor wrote out a "report" card. All the areas he worked on were checked off and she suggested he move on to Level 2! She also wrote the sweetest note to him on the back, she told him how very (underlined 3 times) proud she was of him.

Kian was SO excited and so proud of himself! He really enjoyed the lessons and he really is learning a lot.

The moment we got home I signed him up for the Level 2 lessons, they start next week :) Thankfully the pool we go to is the "older" one, but it is nice and there are a max of 4 kids per class because of the time it's at and because it's not the cool, new pool. I thought I might not like it there, but I do, so we are sticking with Spalding :)

Two woots for the K-Man!

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