Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming, Tee Ball, Library...Swimming, Tee Ball, Library

This is what our life is like at the moment, well it is for me and Kian anyway. Kian is having a good summer though and enjoying the activities.

Kian goes to swim lessons for a half hour every day (except Fridays which is a make up day). Kian hasn't really been in the water much - only when he was a baby. He responded really well to the instructor and has actually put his face in the water, blowing bubbles, and has started to learn how to kick and back float.

Kian is the kiddo on the bright noodles. Practicing getting around on his own!

Monday and Wednesday nights is Tee Ball. The class is all real young kiddos so they are focusing on the basics. They have worked on catching and throwing, running the bases, and hitting the ball off the tee. The coaches are young (either high school or college) and they do awesome with the kids.

Kian hits the ball off the tee - yep it's going toward the fence, safety first!

Kian and I make a weekly run to the library. The first thing we when we arrive is turn in Kian's reading sheet. The library is keeping track of all the kids that have signed up and how many books have been read. I was shocked to see that in the last few weeks there have been over 1,000 books read! Impressive! I usually have a movie or a book waiting for me to pick up and Kian goes through the kid's area and chooses books we will read throughout the week. We are very lucky to have a very, very nice library with a lot of selection in all areas.

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