Monday, June 29, 2009

Remembering our Toby

It's hard to believe that yesterday marked a full year of our lives without Toby. This morning I was thinking about him and realized that this anniversary had come. Even though it's been a year, I still think about him all the time.

Kian has also come to realize that he is no longer with us. Someone asked me a few weeks ago if he had any pets, he said yes a dog named Bailey. I know he remembers Toby though and Allie as well.

Today I choose to remember all the fun, wonderful things about Toby. How he would excitedly play and roll around with a pig's year for about a half hour before eating it. The times I would come out of the kitchen and see an 14 month old Kian poking Toby in the eye ball - Toby didn't even move - poor guy! How he would never, ever bark but the cows that would walk by up on the hill in our back yard, he would bark like there was no tomorrow! How I would wake up with his big, black nose in my face as his head rested on the matress as he stood right next to the side of the bed in the mornings.

Toby-bowbee, we miss you buddy. I hope that you are having the time of your life playing with Roxy and Sam.

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