Monday, May 03, 2010

Result of Kian's TRU Shopping Spree

This past weekend Kian's Granna and Papaw had a big party for him in Kentucky. Granna booked the party at a bounce house place that had other activities. Kian had a blast (and to be honest, most of the other Hedrick men did too!)

Kian made quite a haul with gifts, especially in the cash department. He LOVES getting cash because it means he can go on a shopping spree :) It also gives us a chance to help him realize that he only has a certain amount to spend and help him decide what he wants.

When we walked in, there was a display for Ironman and Super Hero Squad toys. He of course found a big truck that made noise and two cars to go with it.

The truck's back folds down to and has a ramp so the other cars can go inside and be fixed - it also shoots missiles.

Spider-man policing the city with sounds and lights.

And Wolverine backs him up.

Kian has really, really wanted this item for a long time. It is a calculator that adds up his Bakugan score. It was about $30 and more than we would spend on a normal trip to get a small toy. This was the perfect time for him to buy it for himself :)
And of course, he had to get more Bakugan figures. He bought two figures kinda like the one above.

Since we got home from TRU about 2 hours ago, I have barely seen Kian! He's having a blast with his new toys! He also has some cash left over. Since he is having a party on Saturday and getting other things in the mail, Jamie and I figured it would be best to wait on the rest :)

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