Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tooth Fairy; Loop #6

When I picked up Kian from school he hopped in the car and immediately told me that he lost his tooth today! Apparently he lost it at lunch while he was eating some oranges.

His tooth was put in an enveloped that was sealed very, very well with tape. He also had a cool tooth sticker that he wore for at least part of the day (for some reason he's not big on keeping stickers on his clothes) so it was taped to the envelope.

The very odd thing about this is that his second cousin, Ameerah, lost a tooth yesterday in much the same way! Although, according to her the tooth was hiding in her cheese hehehe Oh yeah, and she swallowed hers! Thankfully the Tooth Fairy understood and still came through in the cash department ;)

The Tooth Fairy has been a busy lady in our family! I hope her wings aren't too tired to fly from Appleton to Champaign ;)

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