Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tooth Fairy; Loop #7

Last Saturday we went up to Six Flags: Great America to start our season of fun. We all had a blast (even though I did a lot of waiting for my guys as they rode things - rides make me sick :P)! At one point we bought some popcorn and Kian was eating some in the stroller as we were walking to another area. All of a sudden Kian started to yell, "Momma!" Of course we stopped and Kian wanted to hand me something. I thought it was a kernel of popcorn, nope it was his tooth! Earlier that day he had told us that his tooth was loose but we certainly didn't think it would come out at the park!

Needless to say, the TF was able to find us at our hotel (after she got some change). And thankfully her swap was easy since Kian was knocked out from having so much fun all day long, he didn't even stir almost all night!

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