Tuesday, July 13, 2004

An Eventful Week and it's not even over yet!

Lamaze Class Reunion and Sleeping longer!

Sunday was our Lamaze Class reunion! It was so neat to see all the parents as well as the babies that we all were preparing for :) Unfortunately we forgot our camera but our friends Gina and Clay took some with their digital camera and they are going to share them with us. Kathy was also at the reunion - Kathy was the childbirth educator as well as our doula - but she had to leave soon after we arrived so she could help a mom with her labor...boy is she a busy lady! :) We were all so blessed to have her as our educator and some of us even had her as our Doula. She is such a special person.

Here is a picture from the reunion. To the right of me is Gina and Danielle :)

My birth story definately was the drama for the evening. Some people couldn't believe all that had happened to me.It's been so long since I have talked about or thought about it that I had forgotten how horrible things went. My Aunt Jane was right when she emailed me saying that the experience is something that will soon become a blur. And it's a good thing!

We were at the Reunion for about 3 hours and Kian did really well! He did pretty much shut down after we got home though. He actually slept for along time! He went 6 hours between feedings! That's a record for him! He usually only goes about 4 hours max between feedings. Last night he went 5 hours! But then again he had a tough day at Walmart - poor fussy little man.

Our First Walk

Kian and I had our first walk together today! We met up with Gina and her daughter Danielle (Danielle is only 4 days older than Kian). Gina was in my Lamaze class and now we are in the Mommies group together. We walked on this trail that actually goes all the way to the beach in Avila - we didn't walk all the way to the beach - that would have been quite a trek.

At first Kian was upset and we had to stop so I could swaddle him and get him calmed down. Then he calmed down. We actually had to stop another time because he was so upset (it was after Mommy had taken him over a pretty big bump so I think it scared him).

Both Kian and I love the stroller that Kian's Great Grandma Zuelzke gave us :) It's the Cadillac of all strollers hehe

Well, I am definately looking forward to walking next week :) It's such a good time to get in exercise as well as some adult interaction.

Kian is starting to sleep longer! A few nights ago he went for 6 hours between feedings! I was very shocked!

Mommies Class - CPR

Tomorrow is our Mommie's class and one of the Dad's will be coming in to teach CPR to us. I don't think we will be certified but at least we will all know how to do it. Jamie and I have been talking about taking a class - especially me since I am with Kian most of the time. It will definately give me peace of mind to know it - I certianly hope I never have to use it!

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