Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Eventful Week has a Trip to the ER

Don't worry, Kian is ok. We all were in the ER pretty much all night last night with Jamie having severe pain from kidney stones. At about 2AM we ended up all loading into the car to go to the ER. It was strange walking throught ER entrance where I entered that same hospital in the wee hours of the morning in labor about 9.5 weeks ago! This time Jamie was the one in pain. Jamie got some pain meds and fluids. We were there until about 3AM and were discharged with some scripts and samples to take at home for pain. He continued to have pain at home and at about 4:15AM he said the pain stuff they gave him wasn’t working so I called the ER and they said to bring him right in. So, we loaded Kian back into the car – I had to wake him up for the second time that night– and went back to the ER where they gave Jamie some better pain meds and CT Scan to make sure everything was ok. They sent us home at about 7AM with a patch on Jamie’s arm that will give him pain meds for the next 72 hours. Needless to say Jamie is pretty sleepy from the all the meds he is taking but at least he's not in a lot of pain. At least Kian slept through the whole thing in the ER and I have to say that the Kiddopotamus really saved us (thanks for loaning it to us Christine and Josh!). It’s a blanket that you can swaddle your child and strap them into their car seat with it on. At least I didn’t have to wake him up at all the second time we went to the ER. Phew! What a day!

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