Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Proud Mommy

Grocery Store

Yesterday was our second trip to the grocery store on our own. I put Kian in the front carrier and he did great! He actually had fun looking around at everything! He didn't like it if I stopped moving though - I swear that I must burn a lot of calories just swaying back and forth all the time hehe I went to Trader Joe’s and then walked next door to Food 4 Less – he did great up until the very end and was awake the entire time! I was so proud of him for being such a good boy! And that was even one day after his shots!

Fussy but Cooing

Since Kian has had his shots he's been a little fussier than he's been recently. I am hoping that he goes back to how he was before the shots. What makes things so much easier is hearing him coo a lot :) He seems to be making new noises all the time and wants to talk a lot too :) I coo back to him what he is saying and we carry on a conversation like that for about 20 minutes! His best talk time is the morning.

Sleeping More - HURRAY!!

Last night he slept for two 4 hour stretches! I was SO happy and amazed! The bad thing is that I think another growth spurt is about to hit and he will be back to a messed up schedule of wanting to eat every 2 hours round the clock for a few days to a week.

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